MC multimedia is a partner and the driving organisation pushing the Dkidz Africa Agenda. It is a media outlet established to offer high quality media services to clients accross the world. From a humble begining. This media out let is steadily growing to become one of the biggest media brands that offer low cost but professional services in the following.

  1. Graphic Design
  2. Video Production
  3. Websites and Hosting
  4. Video Editing
  5. App Development
  6. And More


With the advent of MTN Video+, a PPV platform for video content, you can have access to all our Premium Contents and enjoy with your family, friends and loved ones. Click this link MTN VIDEO+ to visit Official FB Page for Video+ To see a list of our contents on Video+ click Below

Dodzi Network

Dodzi Network or is an all inclusive online platform for content creators. This is the Biggest, Most Vibrant and Fastest Growing Talent and Creative Hot Spot in Africa.  We Support Media Production, Promote Creativity, Originality, Talent and Skills. You will find on this site Original and Copyrighted Material of high Creative and intellectual value. It is our vision that through this Project, Creative, Talented and Promising Content Creators, Talents, etc, will be Discovered, Developed, Managed and Promoted in a way that will inspire a Global change towards a holistic development of Africa.
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The Skript Faktory

We are Manufacturers of High Quality Written Materials. We Create, Develop and Grow Quality, Affordable scripts for Television, Film, Music, Online and more… .
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